Adriana DABIJA


Malt is the main raw material used in beer manufacturing. This is why numerous investigations have been performed to improve its specifications. The quality of the malt used depends mostly on the quality of barley, of brewing barley from which it is obtained, as well as from the way the malting process was conducted. Micromalting constitutes a step through which every new variety of barley must pass. In general, one could say that malt has superior biotechnological qualities if it is easily processable, if it has a rich enzyme equipment, ensures high efficiency and if the resulting beer wort ferments well. The raw material used in the experiments was barley originating from England, which was first analyzed from organoleptic and physico-chemical points of view, then subjected to a micromalting process using four different technologies. The quality indices as determined by chemical analysis of brewing barley confirmed that it can be used as raw material in the manufacturing of malt for the brewing industry. Finally an option to set optimum malting technology, establishing technological parameters and working diagrams for each stage of malt production. The technological version of malting by resteeping which presented higher values for most physical and chemical indicators determined for the malt-finished product.

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