One of the main components of tourism is to provide tourist groups with a balanced diet. In addition to nutrition, drinking balance is important too. Sweet carbonated drinks, which do not benefit the child's health, are especially common among children's tourist groups. Therefore, it is advisable to develop drinks for children's tourist groups, which are characterized by useful properties, are tasty and have not a tendency to microbiological spoilage. The presented researches suggest developing milk dry drinks. However, it was proposed to use powdered sheep milk as a basis, because sheep milk powder contains much more essential substances needed by the child's body than cow milk. It is known that a significant number of children do not consume milk due to taste preferences. Therefore, it was proposed to add cryopowders to the drink as an additional source of vitamins and minerals and as a flavor enhancer. In this work the research on establishment of a rational dosage of cryopowders to a compounding of dry drinks was carried out. Sensory analysis and mathematical calculations showed that the rational dosage of cryopowders to the formulation was 10%. It was found that adding cryopowders to the milk drink improved taste of the finished product. In addition, the use of cryopowders increased children’s daily intake of vitamins and minerals. After conducted researches the terms at which the restored products are appropriate for consumption and do not carry the threat of food poisoning were established.

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